Dimitrology 40000 Subscribers Celebration and Giveaway


We have just reached 40.000 subscribers on the Dimitrology Youtube Channel (and still counting!) on our fantastic journey and in order to celebrate with every single Boom Shakalandian out there, I decided to do a giveaway! A simple thank you, for each one of you that honored me by following me all this time!

In order to participate simply visit the link below, it’s on the Gleam.io website so the giveaway will be impartial and fair for everybody.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart thank you and good luck to everyone!

40.000 subscribers GIVEAWAY!

International Giveaway of the ARNU BOX Mach 10 Pure Linux

Partecipate on my giveaway, it’s really simple! Just follow the instructions on this link: http://www.dimitrology.com/2016/05/08/arnu-box-mach-10-pure-linux-international-giveaway/
For my review of the Arnu Box Mach 10 Pure Edition click here: http://www.dimitrology.com/2016/02/23/arnu-box-mach-10-pure-linux-unbox-and-review-kodi-tv-box/

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